SIC Code

Is your SIC code making your company credit rating sick?

Company credit ratings are affected by lots of things… but one of the major ‘unknown’ factors is a company’s SIC code… and in my experience most company’s don’t know what their’s is. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification… it’s used to classify your business by type of economic activity… Some can be very very specific… […]

patent box

Patently obvious… open the box & take the money

The Patent Box means the tax rate on profits made from patents is to drop to just 10%… This is a cracking way to encourage firms to patent their Intellectual Property (IP), and exploit it from here in the UK. Any profits derived from exploiting a patent you own will be taxed in future at 10%… […]

R&D Tax Credits… they want YOU to claim them

… and you don’t need a white coat… or an R&D department Research & Development tax credits are the Government’s way of encouraging companies to develop new products and services… Any company that spends money trying to improve a product or service or even a process through a technological advance where there’s doubt about the […]