Scale-Up Value Builder… Pop Up Start Up Judge

Pete Wild



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This blog is really a home for stuff I’ve produced for companies that have been through the Goldman Sachs 10k programme (or the Growth Catalyst course run by Richard in Liverpool)… so beware if that’s not you…

At heart I’m a Corporate Finance guy… currently helping Maine Wealth clients develop growth & wealth strategies…

… but I also have a ton of fun delivering finance sessions on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business programme & get roped into some very odd projects… like being one of the 3 Judges on CNBCs business TV show Pop Up Start Up…

As an accountant I’ve worked for an terrifically entrepreneurial firm of Chartered Accountants who focussed on helping Owner Managed Businesses… and for the world’s largest firm of accountants who focussed on larger companies, and making money…

I’ve been Finance Director to a number of Owner Managed Businesses, and even ran a couple myself, from boom to literally bust… and I’ve done a stint as a Senior Lecturer in Accounting & Finance during which I did research into how companies are valued, and into the ‘gaps’ between what Owner Managed Businesses need & what their accountants give them

Other than all that :

I’m from Manchester.

I’m a Blue.

So on match days I can be found at the Etihad.

And that’s probably all you need to know.